With over 25 years experience in construction, engineering, leadership, sustainability and professional education, Dee is a refreshing contributor to the evolution of the construction industry.

Owner of Davis Consulting Management Group and Yellowstone Professional Education, she hones in on the aspects of productivity and sustainability of good business practices. From people to processes, Dee’s field experience is expansive and she is generous in her presentation delivery of her expertise, innovation, and powerful coaching.

Dee is a great story teller of her own experiences, wisdom, and industry challenges. She uses these stories to create powerful meaning in her presentations and trainings. She intuitively adapts her delivery to the needs of her different audiences. Her audiences are highly engaged and wanting more as they are encouraged to participate in the collaboration of information to create a powerful learning experience.

Popular Topics:

The Gestalt of Sustainability-Minded Construction:
 5 Ways to a More Sustainable Job Site.

Did you know that there are completely ignored waste streams in the construction of your green building? We will review waste streams you never thought about, and discuss how to curb waste from the setup of your office trailer, through construction and startup of your project.

  • Little known actions on a job site during construction that add to sustainability efforts
  • How to be more sustainable in the ‘start up’ of a building
  • Tracking metrics that affirm your sustainability efforts
  • When your sustainably certified job site is not sustainable The 5 hidden construction waste streams you never considered
  • Before green building – setting up a sustainable job site
  • So you say you are a green contractor? Evaluating your office and jobsites for sustainability

Getting & Staying Competitive, Relevant and ‘in the Game’ in Construction.

Building a culture to attract and retain superstars, make people want to come to work, and increase your profits in the bargain!

  • Not up to speed in technology? Prepare for your exit
  • The demise of “We’ve always done it this way”
  • Embracing your youth in the industry – onboarding the next generation into your own evolution
  • Reinvent your internal communications to foster continued growth/relevancy

Few women at the Job Site?: Thriving in the Construction Industry as Woman.

Women face unique situations at a job site, and navigating awkward and difficult situations that arise can be tricky.

  • See me as a professional first
  • My story – the Psychology of Confidence
  • Dealing with difficult clients Bring it on! - Your Feminine role in the construction industry

Your Future in the Sustainability Sector: Your Next Career Move.

What is out there and how to break in, education and knowledge you need to accelerate your next move.

  • Growth now and in the near future
  • Why more women are attracted to this field
  • Many career path options in this sector
  • Education do’s and don’ts

How to Create a More collaborative, Supportive, and Communicative Team on the Job Site.

You have deadlines, budgets and processes to live up to on your site – how do you get everyone on the same page for the duration of the project and come on in budget on time, everytime? In this presentation you will learn:

  • How to prepare for difficult conversations on the job site
  • Get a complex project back on track & moving smoothly
  • How to uncover the source of problems & resolve them
  • The keys to the kingdom – building trust and keeping it
  • The tenements of communication

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Dee does a wonderful job taking complex equipment information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way!

My team works with quite a few equipment terms covered, and her delivery made those words become actual relatable concepts. Anyone, from engineers to administration, who works with the equipment covered would benefit from the course.


Dee's course was very informative for someone who has little to no experience in HVAC. She is a great teacher and explained details well for those who are not familiar with HVAC terminology.

I would definitely recommend her course for anyone who wants to know the basics of how HVAC systems work! Dee was awesome to meet and enjoyed getting to know her and her background!


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